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About us

The story so far by Gusztav
“It started with a challenge 2 years ago at named Moving Innovation. The idea was to create visualisation for a product that cannot exist today, but could exist 10 years from now. I wanted to create something that is innovative, good to look at and can actually be useful. I never wore a watch on my wrist because I don't like the feeling, but I like watches in general, so I used that opportunity to let my mind come up with something that I could wear, the Ring Clock.”

Our company is built from successful indiegogo campaign - it shows the power of community - thanks to our contributors!

Balazs Stemler CSO (Hungary) - (
Sandor Somos CEO, Co-Founder (Hungary) 
Gusztav Szikszai designer, Co-Founder (Hungary)
Jozsef Miklan CTO (Hungary)

RingClock Ltd.
30 Worthing Road, Horsham
RH12 1SL

Hungarian Branch: RingClock Ltd. Mo-i Fioktelep