Estimated delivery time:

  • Ring Clock – New Collection (Freedom, Panda, Minimal with Silver or Rose Gold) - Preorder: 5-6 months are needed to produce the items of new collection. 
  • Ring Clock - Native Silver: 2-4 weeks if you don’t need plastic size checker rings and 2 months from order date if you need size checker rings.
  • Ring Clock - Native Black or Gold: 2 weeks-4 months based on the available stocks.

Free international shipping with FedEx!

Taxes if you order from any location out of EU: you have to pay local taxes (VAT and import duties) based on the regulation of your country, when your Ring Clock will arrive into your country.

Taxes if you order from any location within EU:  you will pay 27% VAT at checkout.

Please use English address format in your contact data! (because we can’t use local characters - e.g. China or Japan - in the FedEx system in EU)

Shipping process

- Step 1 - We will send 5 plastic size checker rings (the size you have chosen and 2 above and 2 below your chosen size) in order to allow you select your accurate size. You will receive them in a simple envelope, 3-4 weeks after your order date. 

- Step 2 - Please let us know your accurate size by an email sent to (after you have received your size checker rings). 

- Step 3 - We will send your Ring Clock with Fedex after your size confirmation (within 6-8 weeks from your order date).

We recommend the use of size checker rings - please read our size help on page:, but if you do not need them, please let us know by email sent to In this case we will deliver your Ring Clock within 2-3 weeks from your order date.

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